Thursday, April 26, 2007

good things come to those who wait

some of you may recall me whining about wanting a digital camera. i have 2 techno-kids, and hint strongly pre-any-special-occation-usually-involving-a-little-something-for-mum. but have struck out

till now!!!!

when i signed on with the telephone co for the phone & high speed internet @ the 'new' house, i struck gold!!! a free digital camera as a signing bonus. we do the dance of joy!

yes, i realize there are digital cameras and there are digital cameras... no doubt it's no great work of craftsmanship, and it certainly won't impress the techno-kids. but it IS a real live digital camera, and we have to start somewhere, don't we?

so now i have just the harp to finance, and a kayak...

i've recently learned that a fellow at work and his wife are avid kayakers. he's actually building one in their garage! this is showing promise. because, if they each have at least one, and he's building another... the math suggests there might be an extra one some day not too far away. and maybe they'd like like some company on a paddle...

patience.... patience..... good things come to those who wait

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


A day of neutrals

Dull grey sky

Darker grey mud

Lighter grey last remains of the snow

Dirty ochre bits of grass sprawling lethargically at the edges of drifts and roadways

Spring in northern Alberta.

Sent an email to a fellow in the field yesterday, not realizing that he had a 'twin' with the same name further afield… all our Devon branches are on the same network…. Canada, USA, Ivory Coast, Egypt….. So my message asking for a location for work this fellow had done went astray. Got a reply, saying 'I'm not THAT G W. I'm the G W in the USA." so, being a curious sort, I looked him up in the employee directory. He was in Houston, Texas. I emailed back that he should be grateful that he was in Houston, and not in northern Alberta … that there is still 3 feet of snow here. He emailed back that he was indeed VERY grateful. So I looked up the weather in Houston… they were having a coolish day… only +20C and a bit overcast. Sigh.

The weather forecast says there's a big snowstorm moving in. Sigh.

Monday, April 09, 2007


it's melting again, and i'm afraid it's just another fooler. that yet another storm will dump yet another foot and a half of snow and ice on me. i'm obsessed with the weather. and i've come to the conclusion that people talk about the weather because it's IMPORTANT. this idea that talking about the weather is something you do when you want to make small talk and can't think of anything in common with someone is hogwash. bogswallow. crumbtriffery.

only people who are never acutally OUT IN it have no interest in weather. our whole world is freeze-dried, baked, fried, and soaked in weather, for crying out loud. it's what global warming, and greenhouse gases and melting icecaps are all about. and if people would just get off their big, fat SUV's and get OUT IN the weather, they'd be a little more serious about taking a good, hard look at their own contributions to aforementioned looming calamities, and make some hard choices to turn things around.

the move to the 'new' house looms, and i'm grumpy