Thursday, September 27, 2007


attachment didn't work

down time

during a 2 1/2 week stint as fill-in for the Payroll dept while someone was holiday, i seem to have developed a repetetive stress injury in my right hand. i guess working at someone else's station, which was not set up for me, was enough to do it. so i'm on 'modified duties', have a hand splint to wear, must take anti-inflamatory drugs, and won't be keyboarding much for a time. not that i've been posting much of late, but i won't be able to comment on the posts of others either, which i'll miss very much. so, for those who care, though you may not hear from me, i'll still be checking in on you, because life would just be too dull without you.

on the up side, i think i've just stumbled on a way to attach pictures from my computer files, so maybe i'll post some images instead of words


i miss chatting with you already

Thursday, September 06, 2007

after several frosts

there's a snap in the air. a cold snap. we can no longer live in denial. it's autumn

autumn's a nice enough season... it would better loved if it stayed longer, and didn't precede winters that seem a century long... that would make me something over 5000 years old... hmmm... happily, i don't look my age.

so, with the intent of finding silver linings, seeing the cup half-full, walking on the sunny side of the street, etc i've made myself a list of things i love about autumn.

no bugs
the air smells like spring water tastes
it's not too warm for wooly sweaters and tights, corduroy, quilted fabrics, all of which i'm partial to
all the kids are excited about school, and wearing their funky new clothes
new pencils, crayons, pens, gadgets
new books
new friends
new things to learn
all the new seasonal clothes are everywhere. Everyone tries to look good
you don't get all sweaty and smelly going for a walk
you're actually looking forward to winter, just a little
scenery is spectacular
rivers lose their summer silt and run clear (till they freeze solid)
cranberries are ripe
you can see an end to the yard and garden work - don't have to mow the lawn every second day
farming's nearly over
fishing's over (memories of the Yukon - pulling the last of the salmon from nets crusted with ice)
Christmas comes after Thanksgiving and Halloween
if you live in a tourist town, the tourists are gone
snuggling under a thick quilt with a hot cuppa and a good book
smells of good food cooking, as you walk from the cool outdoors to the warm indoors
sitting in the warm indoors, looking out at the cold outdoors, thankful for home
the light that shines from the window of your home, as you walk towards it in the dark
cold weather foods
stew with dumplings or mashed potatos
fresh baked pie, bread, muffins, biscuits
roasted meat
thick soups
cookies, still warm from the oven
hot mulled apple cider
hot chocolate
pasta with thick sauce and meatballs; lasagne
scalloped potatos
hearty breakfasts - porridge, waffles, french toast, pancakes, bacon, sausage and eggs
the irish band i play with actually has time to get together for practices, because it's too cold to do anything else
i'm inspired with ideas for my violin students, after the summer break
sharing all the above with people we love