Tuesday, October 17, 2006

full circle

it's a year now since my first introduction to the blog world. happy anniversary. once again, the winds bring sleet and snow, and the clouds lurk low and hungry, stealing the last of the earth's warmth.

there was a time recently when the corporate filters one the computer network here at work wouldn't let me on blogger at all. couldn't even read another's blog, let alone post there, or on my own. i ventured forth occasionally from home, but my poor old dinosaur, and dial-up connection (not to mention my over stretched patience) weren't up to the challenge. just discovered today that this has changed. i'm glad to be back.

but only briefly... much to-do here today

Saturday, October 14, 2006

autumn in waynorth

a few hardy leaves still cling to the naked trees. the tawny fields twnkle with litters of bright tree garments. they lay like scattered treasure, bright coins under the deep, aching blue and pewter of an autumn sky. the color of evergreens intensifies. almost all on tera firma but them are painted in a monotone of earth colors - buff and tan, gold and ochre. the greens are strong and vibrant, a reminder of life goning dormant till the spring's sun and warm rains revive it once more. thrilling touches of low-growing red are all that's left of summer's heat.